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          CHONGQING ZENGYING MACHANICAL AND ELETRONIC MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD located in LUJIAO INDUSTRAL PARK,NANQUAN TOWN,BANAN ZONE,CHONGQING CITY.The company was founded in 1999, is a enterprise specialise in production of series of metal materials and related materials in southwest.The company covers an area of 15000 ㎡, the existing staff of more than 80 people include two senior technician,three engineers,logistics administrator of twelve and Technical staff of several.The company has perfect system development, production and testing.We have the ability of saling all kinds of sliding bearing material,bushing and bearing material,bearing material.Annual output of 40 million pieces of all kinds of bearings,bushing.Hundreds of tons of bearing, ZWZ materials.Our products passed the ISO9001 and launched the ISO / 16949 in 2014. Quality certified in 2009.

          Products of our company nearly 100 kinds of product specifications, nearly hundred of Lieferant. Mainly assort with the domestic big automobile, motorcycle, engine.We are deeply trusted by mainfram market.

          Our company will take the responsibility, honesty, diligence, fairness, win-win business philosophy, through perfecting management system, improve the level of quality. We provides the high-quality, service and reasonable price with with modern production.

          Our company can design and production the products according to customer requirements,map and sample.
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